Exporting Pages/Posts and Importing to other WP Site

To export a page/post from SqueezeFunnels, in your site's dashboard click Tools > Export.  Choose what you like to export and click Download Export File button.  Your data will then be downloaded to your computer as an xml file.



To import the file to your other wordpress site, from your site's dashboard go to Tools > Import > Wordpress



Browse the xml file you are going to import.  Click on Upload file and import button.



Choose the name of the author, make sure the below Import Attachments is checked > Submit



A note will show once your file is successfully imported.  To see the imported files, from your dashboard go to pages/posts.



 NOTE:  Importing templates/posts created in the SqueezeFunnels builder to other wordpress site will not look exactly the same since other wordpress site is using a different theme.

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