How to create a template from scratch

If you don't like to use the DFY templates you can create your own using the modules available in the builder.

First go to Templates


Click any of the Add New buttons


Enter the name of your template then click Launch SqueezeFunnels button



In the Squeezefunnels builder you will see the layout and modules you need.  Simply click on the down arrow of each tab to expand it.

Under Main modules, you will see multiple modules that you can just click, drag and drop in the field on the left.  For example you use the Header, click then drag it to the left and a pop-up settings page will open.


Here you will write the header of your template then click on the Style button to further customize your header.

In the Style you can choose the alignment of your header.  You have also the option to change the font size instead of using the default size.  Once you are done don't forget to click the Save button.


Once you click the Save button you will the outcome of the module you have added.  Click the Add Content again to choose another module to your template.


Once you are done creating your template or would like to do further editing later, click the Done button.


Choose how you are going to save your new template.


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