SFUA Module - Advanced Accordion overview

You can use the advanced accordion to list your plus points or features and explain them when a user clicks on the feature name.  You can change the icons, color background, text style and also animation for your accordion.



A beautiful accordion pattern that has fancy borders, colorful text and an image within the text area. You can use this accordion to list some fancy items, features or even FAQs to keep the user wanting to know more. This is an amazing way to add a lot of content without using much space on a web page.

The best way to display your FAQs! If you have a long list of FAQs that need a lot of space, the advanced accordion is a solution for it. You can use these accordions to list the questions and the space below to post the answers. Users will have to simply click on the question and they’ll find the answer for it. An amazing way to add a lot of content without using much space.


Use the space to showoff what you are good at or description of your services. 


You can use it also to tell about your company.  Viewers of your site will know more about you with just a click of their mouse.



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