How to use Modal Pop-up Module effectively

Like all the modules available in the SqueezeFunnels Ultimate Addons (SFUA), the Modal popup module of SFUA can be simply dragged and dropped on the page you wish to use it on.

Below are various settings that help us create a good looking and a better performing modal popup.

You’ll find 5 different tabs in the settings window.

  • Content settings
  • Display settings
  • Close Button settings
  • Typography
  • Advanced Settings

Content Settings


You can

  • Decide whether you want to enable the Preview of the modal popup in the back end.
  • Decide what kind of content will it have; Text, Photo, Video Embed code, Video from YouTube, Vimeo or iFrame.
  • Adjust the other popup settings like the background and overlay color, opacity, content width, animation effects and more.

Display Settings


You can

  • Decide how you wish to display the popup: automatically (Exit Intent, Well timed), on click of an icon, button, text or an image, or with a class or ID.
  • Work on further settings like the anchor text, the text on the button, the icon or image, and the class or ID and the cookie settings too.

Close Button Settings


You can

  • Decide whether the close button should be an icon or an image.
    Work on the further settings for icons and images.
  • Decide whether you want to enable additional methods (clicking on the overlay or through the ESC key) of closing a modal popup.



You can

  • Select the Font family, the size and line height of the text you place on the popup.

Advanced Settings


You can

  • Set the margin width
  • Set the layout as per the devices the popup will be displayed on.
  • Adjust the visibility: always, never or to logged in or logged out users.
  • Animation and the delay
  • Add CSS selectors if any.
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