Where to find the responsive option for the iHover Module

The iHover module in the SFUA module in the page builder is a beautiful module that lets you display an image and its description in a unique and artistic way.

There may be times when you need to resize the iHover and make sure it looks good on smaller devices too.

#iHover Responsive size option

Resizing the iHover module is not the right method to make sure it looks good on mobile and small devices.

We have the responsive size option to make sure the iHover items look good on devices of all kinds.

You can enable the responsive size option seen under the Design tab of the iHover Settings window.


If you want to place multiple iHovers in a single row, you can clone it. Take a look at the image below.


You can click on the clone icon or the “Add iHover item” button to add as many iHover items you wish to display.


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