PENDING CLOSURE Of MobiAppDomination and VideoAppDomination on 28th Feb 2021!

It is with a heavy heart and deep regret that we share this news with you our Valued Customers, Clients and Friends!

We have been informed by Seattle Clouds who have provided the App Builder Platform we've used and provided to some of our community since 2013 that they can no longer sustain the platform due to the effects of the Global Pandemic (Covid 19) and will be closing down Seattle Clouds completely on: February 28th, 2021

This means, as of February 28th, 2021, all applications hosted on Seattle Cloud’s servers will also shut down including:


This will NOT affect any other 'SqueezeMobi' legacy products that are still active at this time!

Despite our very best efforts to keep as many of our legacy products and platforms going sometimes situations arise that are beyond our control and this IS sadly one of those times.

Of course we did reach out to Seattle Clouds for further clarification on the situation and to see if there is anything that can be done...sadly we have had no reply and in all honesty feel that we won't be hearing from them from this point forward.

At this time there are no alternative services we can recommend but we will keep you posted should one (or more) become available.

If you have an account on any of these platforms we strongly recommend you backup your active apps to HTML ASAP by following the steps listed below:

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Open each of your active Apps.
  3. Scroll down and click 'Backup This App'
  4. Download and save this file to your computer for safe keeping.

You will still have access to your dashboard until 28th Feb 2021 in order to do this BUT after this point ALL APPS AND DATA ON THE SEATTLE CLOUDS SERVERS WILL BE LOST!

See the image below for 'Backup This App' location!



The reason for doing this is that once Seattle Clouds closes their servers ALL Apps and Data will be lost forever and you 'might' be able to use these backups to help rebuild your Apps at a future date though this cannot be guaranteed and it is HIGHLY likely any Apps backed up to HTML will need further modifications and development to work on another platform....BUT it should help to give you a guide to work from!

Again we are sorry to be the barer of more sad news in these crazy times and our best wishes go to all the Seattle Cloud staff who have helped us over the years in finding new employment in the very near future.

As always we appreciate your support and understanding in this matter.

If there are any updates they will posted in the FB group and on our Support Pages here:

Keep safe, speak soon

Kind regards

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