How to design email template to receive users information within the email?

The Contact Form module of the SqueezeFunnels is a boon for all those who wish to let their audience contact them through the website.

All the data captured through this form is forwarded to you through email on the id that you have set.

If you wish to receive the email address and phone number only within the email body, you will have to add this option in the Email Template tab.


The Email Template is a tab where you can edit the message that you’ll receive in your inbox.

Following are the steps you’ll need to follow in order to receive the email address and phone number within the body of the mail.

1. Once you enable Phone and email fields, their variables will be available for use within the email template. Refer this screenshot.

2. Copy the variables of fields you want to display in the mail, and paste them in the Email template.  Make sure to click on Save once you are done.



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