How to change the page background

You can change the page background color of your site other than the choices provided. 

In changing the background color, go to your FTP and search for the color (blue.css, turquoise.css, red.css or purple.css) you don't need then replace the color codes with the color code of your choice.  

Change all the color codes under the following:

    - body background

    - base background

    - page-header background

    - alt background

    - site-footer background

    - breaker.alt background

For the breaker image, copy one of the breakers in the image folder of  socialvid instaPortfolio Pro and edit it in photoshop with the color of your choice.  You will need to create two breaker images.  Save images as .png in the image folder of your socialvid instaportfolio.  Basically what you will only change in the image breaker is the color. 

Example:  from breaker_purple to breaker_pink  and  from breaker_purple_alt to breaker_pink_alt

Make sure to save your changes when you are done.

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