Android In-App Billing

Do you plan to sell inside your application in-game currency, app feature upgrades, new content for Android application?Don't know how?

The solution to the problem leads in In-App Billing function that allows you to sell digital goods you offer inside the application to users.
Any application that you publish through Google Play can implement In-App Billing. No special account or registration is required other than Google Developer Console account and a Google Wallet merchant account.

Step 1.  Inside your application the purchase pages are compulsory. From App Domination's Marketplace you may use "Magazine Store" and "Purchase" pages.

Moreover, you may use In-App Purchase Link from DESIGN TOOLBOX.

Note: For Android platform we support Non-Consumable and Consumable In-App Billings. For iOS we support besides these: Free Subscription and Auto-Renewable.

Step 2.  Enable In-App Billing for your app. For that go to the Application Dashboard - > App Settings -> Platform Specific Options.

Step 3.  In Platform Specific Options you need to set the Application Licensing Public key. For that go to your Google Developer Console account, press on Add new application(!!! do not upload any APK yet) and find the Services & APIs section. Here you may find your key for the application you are working on.

Select it and copy to the Platform Specific Options where you enabled the In-app Billing.

Step 4. After you finish all the steps below you should request an APK for your app. Submit the app from App Dashboard > Ready to Publish and request an Instant Build.  When you get .zip folder with APK file you have to upload it to Google Play Developer Console as a draft in beta. 

Step 5.  Create In-app products in Google Play Developer Console.You just have to press  "+Add new product".

Next you will have to fill the blank line with your Product ID (ID you create at this step should be the same with ID you use in one of the Purchase pages) and choose Managed product type.
!!! Set a Product ID when you create an In-App Product on your Google Developer Account, then copy and insert it in the Purchase Page (Magazine Store) on App Domination website.

When you entered all the data about your product make sure to activate  the page in the right edge.

Step 5. Complete the remaining sections: "Store Listing" and "Pricing & Distribution" to publish your application.

Step 6. Test your application to know for sure that everything is working and is configured correctly  before you publish it. You will have to wait 1-2 hours until In-App Product will be available throughout Google Play to test on your device.The device you use for testing must run a standard version of the Android 2.2 or later platform, and have the most current version of the Google Play application installed. If a device is not running the most current Google Play application, your application won't be able to send In-app Billing requests to Google Play.

Step 7. Promote APK from BETA TESTING to Production.Go to Beta Testing and find in Actions column "Promote to Prod" and move APK to Promotion to publish the application.

Step 8. Publish your application on Google Play Store.
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