How to Create a Video Shortcode and Embed Code

You will use the Video Lead Gen tool to create video shortcode and embed code needed for the homepage video.

Note:  If you haven't activated the Video Lead Gen, it is listed at the bottom in your dashboard but once you activate it, it will be located above.

Here's what you need to do when you first use the Video Lead Gen.  Go to your site's dashboard, and click Video Lead Gen


The page opens.  Click on the Start Usisng Video Hotsite button to activate it.


This is the next page that opens after clicking the Start... button.  Before you add a new video, you have to set the default settings. 


Point your cursor to Video Lead Gen and click Default Options.  If you don't want to change anything in the page, just click Save Settings button.



Now Video Lead Gen is activated and ready to add videos. 

Go to Video Lead Gen > Add New Video.  Fill in the information needed and paste the video URL you wanted to add.  You can also choose a skin for your video by clicking the downarrow for Video Skin.  Once done, click Save New Video.  To see the information of the videos, click Back to Videos button.

You can add an optin and/or tap-to-call button to your videos.

 Your videos will all be compiled on this page.  You will see here the Shortcode and Embed Code you need. 

NOTE:  If the video has a broken icon, click the edit button and make sure the video URL is correct.

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