What is Push Notification iOS and how does it work?

Push Notifications for iOS apps alows an application to listen for messages being 'pushed' to it from the server. Through Push Notification, your application can communicate with your users even when the app is closed.

When can I use a Push Notification?

Any event that can generate a notification can also generate a push notification. You can have notifications sent to your app users when you want to announce an update, report news, invite to read a new post, ask for a review, any info related to your iPhone app your users will find valuable.

To enable push notifications in your app:

This info is for app owners that have their apps under their own developer accounts. 

1. Go to the Push Notifications screen.

2. Follow instructions to Create an APN Certificate and upload it.

3. If you have already created a .MOBILEPROVISION file, create a new one (just follow steps 9 through 15 from MAD advance tutorials)

4. If your application is already in the App Store, click Build Binaries and replace the existing .MOBILEPROVISION with the new one. When your binaries are ready, update them on itunesconnect.apple.com

5. When your new binaries are approved, just go to the Push Notifications screen, type your push message and hit the Push button.


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