How to change the logo of the Hotsites

To change the logo of your hotsites, just follow the simple steps below.  Make sure your logo's size is 186 x 97.

Go to your hotsites dashboard.  Point your cursor to Social Mobi Hotsites and click on Settings.   Under Theme Settings click the Upload button for  logo.



A pop-up window will open.  If you have already added your logo in your media folder click on Media Library.  Your media library will open and simply choose your logo.



If your logo is not in your media files choose From Computer and then click the Select Files button.  Make sure to click the Insert to Post button just below.


After uploading your logo scroll a bit and click the Save Settings of the Theme Settingssection.  Don't use the Save Settings at the bottom of the page because it will not save the changes you have done in your Theme Settings.



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