How to change PayPal link

1. Edit your Services.html

2. Since each service type had different prices, therefore each paypal link is unique.

3. To edit the paypal for each service type, look for this code:

<a href=”
“> /*change this link to your paypal code for your service type*/
<div class=”article-img-pane”>
<img src=”img/gallery/dentist/attorney-1.jpg” /> /*If you have your own image, this is where you’re going to change the location of the image*/
<h2>Basic</h2> /*This is where you can change the title of the service type*/
<div class=”prod-pricePane”>
<span class=”current-price”>$49.99</span> /*this is where you can change the price of the service type. Note: Make sure that the price corresponds to the price of your paypal link*/
<div class=”a-meta”>
<span><i class=”fa fa-thumbs-up”></i> 21</span> /*number of thumbs up*/

<div class=”products-ratings”> /*this is where you edit the rating stars. */
<i class=”fa fa-star”></i> /*fa fa-star for full star*/
<i class=”fa fa-star”></i>
<i class=”fa fa-star”></i>
<i class=”fa fa-star”></i>
<i class=”fa fa-star-half-empty”></i> /*fa fa-star-half-empty for half empty star*/

 4. Don’t forget to save your file and upload it in the server.

NOTE: Always secure backup file to avoid losing everything.


Click HERE to watch the tutorial video on how to change paypal link.


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