How to Change the Video in the SME Home Page

-          Create your video or if you already have a video uploaded in youtube, open the video and click share then embed.

-          Copy the embed code that.



-          Choose the niche you want to change the video and double click demo.

-          Right click index and choose edit with notepad++

-          Find that line that says <div class="videoBox">.  The line below it you will see a link to YouTube.


-          Paste the embed code that you have copied.  Make sure that the with is set to 100 and height to 120.

-         Save the changes you have made.

How to set the video to autoplay

-     If you are using the old embedded code you append  &autoplay=1 to the YouTube URL

-     If you are using the new embedded code that you see in fig. 2  use ?autoplay=1


       Manual play:


Hope this helps.

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