How to Create a PayPal Payment Link

1.  To create your paypal payment link, log in to your account and click Merchant Services.  On the left click the Websites Payments Standard.



2.  Click Create one Now button below the type of button you wanted to create.



3.  Fill out the information needed.  If you don't want to display credit card logos, simply check the box of the "Use Smaller Button".



4.  After you are done and ready to create your button simply click the "Create Button"



5.  After clicking the Create Button, your code will then be created.  Click "Email" just above the code to get the short code you need to paste in your IP Pro site.  Click Select Code and copy it.  (Ctrl C)


Note:  If you are going to create different buttons with different prices, we strongly advice you to paste your paypal button codes in a notepad so you won't be searching for it. 



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