How Much to Charge Clients

1.  What would you recommend to charge for landing pages/Websites?

This is up to the individual and the market you are in.  For example, agents in a hot market like Phoenix, may be willing to pay $197 for a landing page or even more, but a smaller market, maybe it's only $97.  If you are new in the market and you're just building your client base, you may be better served to start at a lower price point like $97, give or take, or even free in return for a testimonial (great door opener to your other upsell services).

You need to test different price points and when you begin to get resistance you will know you have maxed out your individual market.  But, before giving up find out the "real" reason they are not signing up (it might not be the price, so don't assume this) and then address the objection.  If it's price, then tell the prospect you normally don't do this, but ask them if you discounted the price to "X" dollars would they go ahead and get started right now?
Or, just stand firm on your pricing and follow up showing them some results from their competitor later who wasn't so tight-fisted.
Please understand, the only way to know what price point to ultimately charge is by testing what price point converts best and maximizes your ROI for your services. It all varies, so it's impossible to say specifically what an exact number would be, so test, test, test.
Mobile websites should be approached with the same philosophy as above.  Price range could be a loss leader of $199 on up to $497 to $997 on up depending on area, depth of site, client graphical needs, modifications desired (if any), etc.
My structure would be to give away a landing page for free to get in the door, then charge $97 per additional landing page on an individual basis and offer a package for multiple landing pages (6 max) for $397-$497 and if they buy on your first visit, I'd throw in an agent mobile site for special add on pricing of $297-$497 (normal $997.00)
Depending on the agent, you may have to work out a payment plan to secure the deal.  At minimum, collect 1/3 to 1/2 up front and balance on 1 or 2 more times.  Top producing agents will typically just write you a check or put it on their credit card, while newer agents, who really need your services typically need some relief until their first closing, as well as agents in between closings, obviously this varies.
Just remember this, you never go broke making a profit, so don't get wrapped up in the price, make the opening sale, as it opens the door to your other services. The lifetime value of a customer and their repeat and referral business is the key to longevity.


2.  After doing the initial setup of a landing page/website, how much do you charge as recurring billing and for what services?

That depends on if you are providing updates or hosting for them.  This will obviously depend on what services you are providing for them. 

For a mobile site you are hosting, I'd charge a monthly hosting in the range of $19.95 to $49.95.
One option would be to tier the pricing and allow "X" number of modifications per month for "Y" dollars monthly.
I would focus also on the recurring upsells of video creation (every new listing needs video of the subject property), DFY video upsell for the landing page offers (free list of homes, what's your home REALLY worth, etc.)
If you host the landing page and you do several modifications each month, like changing images, prices, special discounts etc., then charge what you feel is fair for your trade off of time.  I can't really pinpoint a dollar amount here, as there are too many variables.
I would focus heavily on the upsell opportunities (recurring video creation, social media setup and mgt, building fan pages, etc.) which is likely part of your offline business or maybe should be.
There is minimal management for the landing pages and mobile sites once setup, so recurring fees, other than hosting, are more one-off payments for requested modifications (although you can build this in up-front, as indicated). 
One idea if you want to upsell it, for example, is a free local marketing report, that you do the research of the local area and provide monthly, you could charge $47/mo+ for membership access.


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