How to Update an App Created from a Different Platform in Google Play

I created an App using a different platform before I switched to using SqueezeMobi. I just updated the App but Google will not allow me to updated the app because the package ID is different. Your submission process will not accept the 'original app package id' the message I get from Google Play says "Your APK needs to have the package name.How do I update that App and submit where Google will accept the new APK file produced by Login2Mobi?


A Google Play app can only be updated if the package name is the same (set on the last step of publication request process) and it is signed with the private key as the initially published app.  You will have to contact your previous App developer to get the private key information that you will need to update your App.  Or you can un-publish your previous App then re-publish it using SqueezeMobillionaire platform (login2mobi).


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