How to Change Icons of the Navigation Tabs

1.  To change the icon of your navigation tabs please click on Navigation Settings on the right side.



2.  Tick on the Navigation type (left side) that you would like to use.  To get the icons show up click on the (...) icon and a pop-up page will show with all the different icons.


3.  If you have have a collection of icons that you would like to use you can upload them to the system.



4.  Click on the icon of your choice and then Add to Resources.



5.  The icon is now added to your Resources.  Simply check the box of the icon that you have chosen from your Gallery.  Then below click Choose to use the icon on your navigation tabs.



6.  Your icon now updated.  Make sure to click Save Changes and then Done to see how it looks on the iphone simulator.



7.  Your new icon is now showing on your navigation tabs below.   





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