Removing the Social Media Tabs

If you don't want the Social Media tabs to show in your directory you can either mark them as Draft or move them to the Trash and then restore later.


Here are the steps on how to mark them as draft:

1.  Click pages from your admin dashboard.  Point your cursor to the page you wanted to eliminate from your tabs and click Quick Edit that shows below it.



2.  The tab will expand.  Under status please choose Draft from the dropdown menu.  Make sure to hit update after to save your changes.


If you don't want to mark it as draft you can move it to the Trash.  All you need to do is point your cursor to the Social Media (FB, Twitter, YT etc.) and then click Trash. 

If in the future you decide to add the Social Media tabs to your directory again you just change the status to Published or if you moved them to the Trash just go to Trash and Click Restore.




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