How to remove quotes (" ") in the WP directory home page?

There's really a lot you need to edit if you would like to change how this area works. However for your concern, you can edit the "Home Page Template (home-page.php)". You should find these html codes there:

?></ul><p class="clear"></p></div><div class="wrpper_text"><div class="wrpper_textInner"><span class="icon1"></span><p><?php

?></p><span class="icon2"></span></div></div><?php get_footer(); ?>

You need to edit the section that says <span class=" ">. The one you will see there are icon1 and icon2. You can place another span code there like "largefont" to replace the icons. The icons are the quote you see. This may not necessarily make the fonts lager as you may have to edit other CSS files but doing this should eliminate the quotes.

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    K.L. Wiens

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