How to upload/change the logo

Recommended Logo Size: 190 x 65  pixels

To upload a logo or change an existing logo on your Insta Portfolio Pro site, you need to go to your dashboard.

From you dashboard go to appearance and click on Theme Options.  If you don't see anything under the Insta Portfolio Pro theme section, you will have to enter your activation code first which is located in the members area of Insta-Portfolio Pro.

Once you see the information in the theme options, click on Header to upload/change your logo.



Remove the existing logo and then click the Upload button to upload your business logo.  A pop-up page will open (image below).  If you have your logo already in your media library then click on media library and choose your logo and then click Select button at the bottom right of the page.

If you don't have your logo in your media library choose the Upload files option then click Select files at the bottom of the page.  Choose your logo from your files in your computer.


Once the your logo is uploaded completely, click on the Select button on the bottom right.


You will then see the URL of your logo and the image.


Once you are done uploading your new logo, click on the Save All Changes button.  Go to your site now and reload it so you can see the changes.



Video tutorial on how to add your logo is in the members area of Insta-Portfolio Pro under Tutorials #7.

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