How to show all 6 existing services once hovering over "Services"

- If you want to have all the existing services to show in your Services tab, you need to create a page for the other services.  First go to page builder and on the far right of the template click on the "+" sign to add a new page.  Type the name of your new template and click Save Template.   From the left drag and drop the block of your choice to show, like Text, Testimonial, video etc.  Make sure to save your template again before moving on to the next step to save your updates.

- After creating a new template from your page builder, go to pages and click "Add New".  Simply click the "Add Template".  A pop-up window will appear, choose the name of the template from the dropdown menu and click "Insert Template".  From the Page Attribute on the right choose Services under Parent.  Click Publish to save your page.

- Last step would be to add it to your navigation menu.  Go to menus under appearance.  On the left you see the pages you have.  Check the new pages that you would like to add, click "Add to Menu".  They will now be added to the navigation menu.  Drag the menu and make it as a sub-item for Services.  Don't forget to click "Save Menu" after your update.

Click on the link on How to turn a page into a sub-page

- The image below is how it looks like in your menu structure. 



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