How to Change all the Demo Sites in the Portfolio

If you want to showcase only your own mobile site, you can delete all Snapshot block in your Portfolio template.  If you want to just add your own mobile site, you can add Snapshot block after the Slogan block. Add information in Feature #1.


For the content in the Snapshot block, add your title, content and mobile site image as you please. Just copy the icon name which is icon-chevron-right.


Use this code for the View button:  

<br/><div style="text-align:center;"><a href="" class="folio-button mobi-view" style="margin: 0px auto;">VIEW</a> &nbsp;

Please change the to the URL of your mobile site.


For the Buy button, this is the code:

<a href="" class="folio-button" style="margin: 0px auto;">BUY</a></div>


Change the with your paypal button.

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