How to make the view button visible to desktop

To make the View button visible to desktop please follow the instructions below:

- Go to Page Builder under Appearance

- Choose Portfolio template

- Click the downarrow of the Snapshot blocks to expand it

- Look for the code:      

<a href="" class="folio-button mobi-view" style="margin: 0px auto;">VIEW</a>

- at the end of this code you will see:   "folio-button mobi-view"

- remove:   mobi-view 

- If you can't see these codes in the snapshot blocks you can copy it and paste it.

- To make the demo site open on a new tab instead of opening on the same tab just add target="_blank after the link.  It should look like this

<a href="" target="_blank" class="folio-button" style="margin: 0px auto;" >VIEW</a>

- Make sure that you do this step in all snapshot blocks and then save your changes.


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