How to duplicate a layout to another page

Duplicate your layout to another page

You can use a layout to create another page with the same layout by duplicating it.  After you've duplicated the layout, a new page is automatically created and opens for editing.

This is a great solution if you want a similar layout on more than one page of your site and don't want to start from scratch each time. This action copies the entire page.

Tip: Instead of duplicating, you can save your template to use on other pages.  See the Related Articles for more information.

To duplicate a page or post:

  1. Open the page you want to duplicate in SqueezeFunnels Page Builder.
    Note: The Page Builder layout must have been either published or saved before it can be duplicated. If you make editing changes to the layout after you open the page and then duplicate it without saving, the duplicated page will not show the changes, and the changes will be lost on the source page as well.
  2. Click Tools > Duplicate layout.
    A new page titled Copy of <source page name> is created and opened in the WordPress editor. 
  3. Rename the page title and the permalink on the new page
  4. Click Launch Page Builder to begin editing the content and layout on the new page.
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